The Wonderful Adventures of Edudant and Francimor
| photo: Radiotheque

The fairy-tale delicacy from the radio archive The Wonderful Adventures of Edudant and Francimor was filmed by director Jan Fuchs back in 1962. Even after sixty years, the quirky characters and characters of Karel Poláček’s humorous and even crazy story can delight us. Its protagonists go on an innocent school trip, but by a coincidence of unfortunate circumstances, they get lost and fall into the hands of terrible robbers.

Čestmír Řanda as Edudant, Dalimil Klapka as his brother, the timid Francimor, Ljuba Hermanová aka the witch Madam Istar Halabába, Luděk Kopřiva as Rudolf the goat, Eduard Kohout, Rudolf Deyl Jr., Bohumil Záhorský, Miloš Kopecký, Stella Zázvorková appeared in the main roles. and other famous actors.

The author of the entertaining children’s book Karel Poláček was one of the most prominent representatives of Czech literature of the twentieth century. In his books, especially award-winning humorous novels, he depicted the ridiculousness and tragedy of the life of a “little man”.

His best-known work is the novel Bylo nas five written from a child’s point of view. The Jewish author completed it shortly before his move to Terezín, it was published shortly after the Second World War. However, Poláček did not live to see its end, he died in a concentration camp.

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