December 18, 2022, 07:32 – Public News Service – OSN

Russian showman Maxim Galkin * became an Israeli citizen as the son of a Jewish woman. Then he legalized his wife Alla Pugacheva, as well as children Lisa and Harry, by filing an application for family reunification. This information was shared by the publication Voice.

For quite a long time, the singer was the patroness of the young spouse, but now he gave her a gift. With an Israeli passport, the whole family has the opportunity to travel around the European region without thinking about visa restrictions, and also live there without any permits for up to almost three months.

It also turned out that new repatriates receive a monthly allowance of 45,000 rubles from the country’s budget. It turns out that during the six months they spent in Israel, the artists earned a nice bonus – 1 million rubles.

As the Public News Service reported earlier, it became known that lock singer Alla Pugacheva and her husband, comedian Maxim Galkin *, was built in the village of Gryazi on the site of a landfill.

A local resident shared information that the comedian was lied to when he was looking for a house to buy, allegedly a gentleman lived on this land.

* recognized as a foreign agent by decision of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation dated September 16, 2022.