The Puerto Rico Prosecutor’s Office has processed the request of the nephew of Ricky Martin, who has requested a restraining order against the singer for alleged domestic abuse and harassment.

At the beginning of July, Dennys Sanchez Martin, Ricky Martin’s nephew, requested a protection order on the grounds that he had a relationship with the artist for seven months, and that he allegedly intimidated him and stopped by his home when he separated from him.

Ricky Martin is scheduled to appear Thursday in a court in Puerto Rico, where a judge will decide whether to extend a new restraining order requested by her nephew. In addition to this, the serious accusations of incest will also be evaluated, which in Puerto Rico are highly punishable, with up to 50 years in prison.

The judge Raiza Cajigas issued the order on July 2, after the 20-year-old filed a domestic violence complaint saying he feared for his safety because Martin refused to accept his decision to end a seven-month relationship.

The man said that Martin He had continued calling him and hanging around outside his residence, harassing him at every turn, reasons that forced him to make the complaint.