January 8, 2023, 11:59 am – Public News Service – OSN

Psychotherapist Aleksey Vilkov told how to return to work after the New Year holidays and not suffer from post-holiday melancholy or depressive experiences. His words are quoted by “Evening Moscow”.

First of all, the specialist recommended increasing workloads gradually, smoothly leaving the day off, as well as taking small breaks of 10-15 minutes every hour.

He offered to brighten up the working day with pleasant memories of the holidays.

At the same time, according to the psychotherapist, proper nutrition, a course of vitamins and physical activity will help to get into a working rhythm.

“From the point of view of psychology, it is important to make a definite plan for the coming days. And also to understand where to start, so that there is certainty. It will help relieve anxiety and anxiety. It’s easier to start gradually doing things, ”the expert said.

At the same time, he called for less introspection and more action.

Earlier, psychologist Marina Gladysheva explained how to recover from spending on holidays. According to her, it is necessary to adequately assess the situation and plan expenses. Read more about this in material Public news service.