Last night in Sofia there was a protest action “March for European Bulgaria”, which was organized by the group “Justice for All”.

According to, a protest action “March for European Bulgaria” was held in Sofia last night, organized by the “Justice for All” group.

The event is held in support of the government led by Kiril Petkov and the dismissed speaker of the National Assembly Nikola Minchev.

A protest demonstration called “March for European Bulgaria” was held in defense of parliamentarism and democracy.

The gathered demonstrators believe that this week is decisive for the future of our country and will decide several questions – whether the changes will continue and whether there will be a decisive fight against corruption and the oligarchy.

The Justice for All group believes that if new elections are held, the judicial reform will be completed, and the current composition of the Supreme Court of Justice will remain, because there will be no parliament that would elect a new deputy quota in it, and the Prosecutor General – Ivan Geshev will also continue to work.

The protesters want to remind the head of state, Rumen Radev, that it is time for him to support “the people who continued to fight the mafia that ‘attacked’ him two years ago.”

The protesters marched to the building of the National Assembly, and at 19:30 in front of the building of the Council of Ministers, a counter-protest is planned demanding the resignation of the government of Kiril Petkov.

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