Daniel Pfeffer from Karlovy Vary is getting ready.
| photo: CEV.eu

The bartender Simona Bajuszová is joined by Prostinov’s teammates Karin Underlkov, the Slovak smoker Karolna Friov, the Brazilian blockade Raquel Loffov and the libero Adla Stavinohov.

In the line-up of the best games selected by the girls are the birds of the Karlovy Vary Serbian game Aleksandar Nedeljko from the darkness of the defeated finalist Lv Prague and the eskobudjovick team Martin Licek. Among the recorders, Ji Srb from st nad Labem received the most vote, finishing in extra-league seven. Both competitions published the stars of the season on Facebook.

Fans had the opportunity to choose the line-up of the week during the league season, and then choose the best seven seasons of the season until the full moon. Prostjov’s birds are joined by two Brno volleyball players. Magdalena Bukovsk, a smoker, and Tereza Hrueck, the center of the castle, helped the darkness from Krlov Pole.