On July 29 at 15.15, in Pronsk, for an unknown reason, a fire broke out in a wooden outbuilding on Zavodskaya Street.

The fire brigade of Viktor Zotov arrived at the place of emergency in a matter of minutes, because the Pronskaya section No. 33 is located almost on the next street. And although the wooden outbuilding was already blazing with might and main, the flames were subdued, although the barn was still damaged by fire. But the Ural motorcycle, which was also located here, was rescued by Pronsky firefighters by extinguishing the flame. They did not allow the fire to spread to a residential building, which is located literally five meters from the ill-fated barn.

“It all happened when the owner was not at home,” the neighbors said. – We were afraid that in such heat, the fire could easily spread to housing: the distance between the fire and housing is insignificant. There are several houses in a row on our street, all next door to each other. It’s scary to imagine what could have happened if the firefighters hadn’t arrived in time … “