Pronsky firefighters and farmers from Oktyabrskoye LLC saved a farmer’s field from fire. Video

On August 2, near the village of Semensk in the Pronsky district, at about eight in the evening, a KamAZ transporting grain caught fire right on the field. Then the fire spread to the field. Neighbors from the Oktyabrskoye agricultural enterprise and Pronsky firefighters came to the aid of the farmers. In two hours they subdued the fire and prevented it from spreading to neighboring fields and ravines. About 20 hectares of winter wheat burned out.

The chief agronomist of Oktyabrskoye LLC, Vitaly Kochuykov, was returning from Mikhailov when he saw a smoke screen over the fields:

“Our grain growers worked nearby, whom I asked to go around the district and find out what was burning. The weather is hot, and there is dry wheat all around. It turned out that a farmer’s field was burning three kilometers from us. To cut off the fire, tractor driver Viktor Bai on John Deere began to clear it. Well, I took up a fire extinguisher and a firecracker, I always carry them in the trunk during the harvest season.

According to the owner of the farm Natalia Millerfireman Sergey Yakovlev literally came out of the burning field with a knapsack behind him.

“As it turned out later, while the fire truck that arrived from Pronsk was “dodging” in search of a road, the guy rushed to cut through the fire. The second fireman, Vyacheslav Buntov, arrived a little later. Fire inspector Sergei Trushkin also arrived at the scene. In a difficult hour for us, he picked up comforting words of support. And Vitaly Kochuykov deftly controlled the fire extinguisher, and then knocked down the flames with a firecracker.

I am very grateful to these people for their help, we certainly would not have coped with the roaring flame on our own. A low bow to all these brave people and a big human thanks. They saved our field.”