The well-known performer Prokhor Chaliapin appreciated the court decision in the case of his mother Elena Kolesnikova.

The woman was accused of issuing fake certificates to people sentenced to compulsory labor as a nurse so that they could actually avoid punishment. At the same time, Kolesnikova took financial rewards for her services, which were interpreted by the investigation as a bribe.

The well-known lawyer and presenter Katya Gordon, along with her team, undertook to protect the interests of the mother of a popular singer. As a result, the lawyers managed to achieve the most lenient punishment possible for the defendant.

Elena Kolesnikova was sentenced to three years and three months, but only conditionally, with the passage of a probationary period.

After the completion of the process, Prokhor Chaliapin thanked the judge for passing such a humane sentence, delving into the essence of the case, and agreeing that the singer’s mother acted without malicious intent.

At the same time, the performer emphasized that Elena Kolesnikova and her lawyers did not plan to file an appeal.

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