Should the talents of the Talent of Darkness of the Pilsen Region have a long time in the semifinals, Zub fought in a hectic division of the duel and again pushed for the gold medal.

Zpas zan on Saturday at 5 pm in Karviná. After the foundation they were first, we second. Last year alone. I guess that’s what he says, 32-year-old Petr Vinkelhfer, plzesk kapitn.

Advancing to the finale vs. a lot of strength, would the title be tenics?
I take it that we are definitely not satisfied or satisfied with the progress to the finale. We want to win.

Last year you celebrated the title after the fifth duel in Karviná, two years before home at seven. M na vs u Bank big pifku?
I don’t think anyone will return to the finland. Karvin wants a title, but so do we.

While Karvin swept Dukla in the semifinals, you have two five-legged snakes in your legs. Me hrt nava a big role in the finle?
Roli urit hrt me. But ek ns maximln pt zpas. Last in the seasons. And we have to leave everything in them to hit.

Pesto, do I have an advantage in this?
I don’t think physics will decide the finle.

There was a lot of money at the quarter with Brno for vs.
Tam lo o nco jinho. We have never known that we are playing in the European Cup during the playoffs. Therefore, trt, extrmn nron. But it’s behind us, you’re looking for a title.

What was the most important thing?
Total. It was broken, under the right to return. We played with Brno, the next day they flew to the village, right after the return again a video for Brno. There was a mole as they were preparing, while they could prepare for one day.

You know Karvin perfectly. m you want to surprise her?
They probably can’t be completely surprised by the darkness. But we would like to break it down so that there is not one clear insole. In order to distribute to as many people as possible and we were in danger in various positions.

What is the largest bank?
They have a very strong darkness, cadmih hri se me. Vojta Patzel, Dominik Solk, Glmani Marjan and Morko … There are a lot of individuals and each of them can decide the way.

Will it matter how you manage the first step on Saturday?
The math is clear. If we want a title, we still have to win at least one of those three attempts. The question is when and if it will work.

Final program:

1st pass: May 14 (17:00) Karvin – Talent tm PK
2nd route: May 18 (18:00) Talent tm PK – Karvin
March 3: May 21 (17:30) Karvin – Talent tm PK

July 4: May 25 (17:10) Talent tm PK – Karvin
Day 5: May 29 Karvin