January 3, 2023, 09:43 – Public News Service – OSN

Research Fellow at the Institute for European Studies (Belgrade), Visiting Professor at MGIMO MFA Russia Stevan Gajic named Great Britain an open enemy of the Serbs. He made the corresponding statement in an interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

He recalled that earlier the formula of influence in Serbia was presented “40-40-20”, where 40% is the influence of Eurasia (Russia, China), another 40% is the West (USA, Great Britain, Germany), and the remaining 20% ​​is Middle East (primarily the United Arab Emirates).

“It seems to me that although Serbian top officials do not quickly change their rhetoric, Serbia is nevertheless beginning to progressively tilt its foreign policy towards Eurasia,” Gajic said.

According to the professor, the West has also noted this, and is now using Kosovo in an attempt to return Belgrade to its previous course.

“The UK is consistently pursuing an anti-Serb policy,” he said.

As proof of his words, the scientist recalled London’s attempt to organize a coup against the background of the elections and the anti-Serb draft resolution in the UN Security Council on the events of 1995 in Srebrenica.

At the same time, he noted that the United States is gradually reducing aggression in its rhetoric regarding the conflict with Kosovo.

“The US game is not completely clear to me, but one thing is clear that Great Britain is an open enemy of the Serbian people,” Gajic summed up.

Earlier, Serbian leader Aleksandar Vucic said that Belgrade can only rely on itself in the event of an armed conflict in Kosovo and Metohija. Read more about this in material Public news service.