Several friends of the producer were lucky enough to get invitation tickets to the big anniversary concert of the pop star in Sochi. Upon entering the concert hall, they were received as guests of honor, however, they were eventually treated as stowaways.

The fact is that the organizers of the concert seemed to have forgotten about the invitations and did not assign them specific places in the hall. As a result, Kirkorov’s fans had to watch the concert standing up, although they counted on comfortable seats.

“Controllers behaved in a boorish way, they talked disgustingly. There was nowhere for people to sit! There was a scandal. The audience turned to the new director of the “Festival” and the local Ministry of Culture. They will figure out why the staff of the hall behave this way and why they give invitations to Kirkorov without seats, ” the producer spoke emotionally.

It is curious that at this concert, in addition to the organizers, the singer himself distinguished himself. Performing a number with a cross on the stage, he suddenly knelt in front of the hall and crossed himself.

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