The Princess Eleanor, daughter of King Felipe VI of Spain and future monarch of that country, is being seriously accused by her classmates, who affirm that the 17-year-old girl always has a pedantic attitude in the institution, something that they already feel “tired of”.

According to the medium timex, to the Princess of Asturias is quite repudiated in the UWC Atlantic College, boarding school located in Wales UK, and where the heiress to the Spanish throne is studying her baccalaureate.

Leonor’s attitude is classified as “pedantic, hateful and narcissistic”, and they allege that for this reason she is not seen in different activities that are commonly done in the institution.

“Unfortunately, it’s not the sweet, characterful image that it makes it out to be.” In fact, they talk about her in terms of a student who often has “a rather immature attitude,” the outlet claims.

In Spain, The noble image of the 17-year-old girl has been questioned since she was in high school.

“Or has someone forgotten what happened when I went to school in holy Maria of the Rosales in Madrid?: «Two mothers of the girl’s schoolmates tell me that she had told them: ‘From now on, you will have to bow to me’».

According to the media, Leonor has not changed her behavior in Welsh and even in that place she has few friends, since it is said that she would have shown a very pedantic and arrogant attitude, coupled with the fact that she is surrounded by security, which scares any bond with other students and other schoolmates.

And you, what do you think of the attitude of the princess eleanor in your school?