In the midst of all the rumors of romance between the princess eleanor of Spain and the footballer Gavi, the media in that country have already stated that even the young couple have the open road to get to know each other well. And with it, the opportunity to go out and enjoy exquisite dishes that can be found in different restaurants in Madrid.

Although the princess Eleanor He is only a member of the Spanish monarchy, the news of his possible romance with his country’s soccer player, Gavi, went around the world. Several sources even claimed that the Spanish crown gave her the go-ahead to start a relationship with the young soccer player, which is why rumors of her romance spread everywhere.

Leonor does not feel sorry for showing her great fanaticism and admiration for Gavi, to the point of asking her father, the King Felipe VI, a Gavi flannel autographed exclusively by him, something that could be fulfilled thanks to the King’s presence at the Soccer World Cup Qatar 2022.

And now, various media and paparazzi Spaniards, they have already been able to find out where the two popular young people could go on a date. And this is where they have been able to inquire about some of the favorite restaurants that Princess Leonor visits with her family.

In Madrid there are a large number of restaurants that you must visit one day, Spanish royalty also visit them frequently and there are some that are undoubtedly their favorites by tradition.

For this, one of the best options you could bet on Gavi to impress Leonor it would be the restaurant Lucius House, a restaurant that is in the top three of the king Felipe VI and the queen Letizia, For this reason, it is approved by the kings, and it could be a good option for both of them to have a slightly more private meeting, but in confidence and above all, enjoying exquisite dishes that the young princess loves.

And you, do you like the couple that make the princess eleanor Y Gavi?