The princess eleanor of Spain, He is undoubtedly the most popular character in the royal family of the Iberian country. But now and thanks to her personality traits, the 17-year-old girl has her parents and other relatives worried.

The great gifts that Princess Leonor is developing are leaving members of the Spanish royal family speechless, who might even be concerned about the way in which the public handles the abilities of the main heiress to the throne of the monarchy of Spain.

At the recent awards Princesses of Girona, the daughter of King Felipe VI, He left many impressed by the great control he has when it comes to mastering languages. The Princess of Asturias spoke in three different languages: English Spanish Y Catalan.

This action has surprised those present, who see how the young princess She is very committed to her academic training and also to her future professional training.

Leonor is one of the most popular characters in Spain, Her great popularity has allowed her to capture the attention of all the media and the community in general, who see the 17-year-old as their future monarch and head of state.

The Spanish royal family is right to feel somewhat concerned, since the expectations that exist in Eleanor, they are massively tall. So they hope that time will prove them right and their daughter will become a figure to follow in their country.