The Princess Eleanor of Spain, She could be very worried in recent days, thanks to a problem that her crush, the young Spanish footballer, would have Gavi, who she has been embroiled in dating rumors with for the past month.

For several days now, the future of footballer Gavi at the club Barcelona Fc He is in danger, since it has been confirmed that his value within the team is lower than what other foreign teams that would be interested in him could be offering.

As it was revealed, the 18-year-old athlete could be released at the end of February, a problem that also affects other players such as Araujo Already Bucket.

In this way, now it is time to wait to see what will happen in the next few days about what will become of the future of the Princess’s crush Eleanor, who would be very concerned about this situation.

If Barcelona FC update the value of Gavi’s contract, the youngster would be leaving Spain to go to another European team, something that would leave his family and the community very sad. Princess of Asturias.

The final decision will be in the hands of the team executives. Catalan, who will see if they can afford the new value that the athlete has. And speaking logically, Barcelona FC must think about it very carefully, since their financial situation has not been the best in the last three years.