The princess eleanor from Asturias has returned to Spain surprisingly, and from now on several media are affirming that the reasons for his trip are mainly due to the conflict that the footballer is experiencing Gavi with the Barcelona Fc, a place where they do not want to give you the value that your contract really has.

Gavi does not know what will happen to his future within Barcelona FC, his contract has a problem and The league Spanish is opposing a precautionary measure that allowed him to enter directly as a front-line player, instead of a subsidiary player.

If this problem is not solved, the contract of Gavi With the Cule team it would be worth zero euros, a situation that would make him look for another team outside of Spain where he could sign.

Faced with this dark moment, Princess Leonor, whose crush is the young 18-year-old athlete, has surprisingly returned to Spain from the United Kingdom, country where she is studying.

Various Iberian media stated that the reason for the emergency trip of the Princess of Asturias, it was due to how worried she is about the situation of her ideal boy. However, there are other media that claim that the reason for his trip is actually due to his father’s birthday, the King Felipe VI from Spain.