The princess eleanordaughter of King Felipe VI and of the queen letizia from Spain, a few days ago he completed his baccalaureate process where the princess of asturias She was educated for a couple of years, and although she has finished with this important stage, her parents, the kings of Spain, already have plans for the future heir to the throne.

Lately, there has been talk that Princess Leonor is preparing to enlist in the Spanish army where she will be incorporated into the General Military Academy of Zaragoza, and its start date will be 17 of August When will he start his work? Despite the age of the princess, she will have to carry out her work in the armed forces like any other son of the royal family, and although she must report to the academy first thing in the morning, there is speculation that this could be complicated by photographers and paparazzi. who will want to record this moment in the new stage of the young woman.

According to the magazine Weekthe Spanish press reported that since Princess Leonor is a minor and has no military past, “the little girl must sign a document of incorporation into the armed forces, and after this she will be named a student with the rank of lady cadetOn the other hand, the armed forces also demand that to avoid many types of injuries, wait for each of their cadets to be in top shape, so it is rumored that Princess Leonor will start physical training in a few weeks.

Many in the Spanish press anticipate that Princess Leonor on her first day in the armed forces will be accompanied by her parents, so it can be a very melancholic moment for the little girl.