The Princess Eleanordaughter of King Felipe VI and future Queen of spain, She is very angry with several members of her royal family, after they made an embarrassing rudeness to her that has completely exhausted her patience.

The Princess of Asturias He is in Spain, where some media claimed that his visit was due to his father and others claimed that it was to support his crush, the soccer player Gavi, while he was facing a big problem in the Barcelona Fc.

And although Gavi’s situation has been completely resolved, Leonor has had to go through an uncomfortable moment because of two of her cousins: Irene Urdangarin and Victory Federica.

Both girls are also outside the Iberian country, studying at the University of Geneva in Swiss. But like the future queen of Spain, they are currently in the country and have made a big deal about their iconic cousin.

It turns out that Irene and Victoria are enjoying their break in the city of Barcelona, where they would have introduced their family, who are also part of the Spanish royal family, to several of their friends.

This situation would have significantly annoyed Leonor, who has always suggested that they should not be so open to their friends, much less take them to meet some of the royals.

The truth of the case is that both Irene and Victoria have been characterized for years by having a more open and rebellious personality, something that is not allowed within monarchies and that princess eleanor you know very well.