The Princess Eleanoreldest daughter of King Felipe VI of Spain and future monarch of that European country, is a widely popular figure on the social networks of his country and Latin America. Every step that she takes is analyzed by all the media, which affirm that the 17-year-old girl would be feeling envy of her younger sister, the Infanta Sofia.

According to the media The National of Catalonia, Princess Leonor would be feeling envy of Sofía, her younger sister. What are the reasons for this envy?

The answer is very clear: the height of Sofia, that easily surpasses by 10 centimeters the height of the Princess of Asturias and future Queen of Spain.

Leonor at 17 years old measures 1.63 meters, while Infanta Sofía at 15 years old is over 1.72, literally, because it can be even more.

On one occasion, a journalist close to the Spanish royal family spoke about the issue and how Felipe VI and the queen Letizia They stated that they felt concerned about that aspect of their youngest daughter:

“We will have a problem. At the moment it is seen that Sofía is much taller. Something has to be done,” said the journalist.

“Sometimes they put shoes on Leonor with a little heel to make her look taller.” she recounted Angie Cardenas, who is also quite critical of the queen’s obsession Letizia by the image of Eleanor, to the point of making distinctions with his youngest daughter:

“You shouldn’t do that to girls. If you change the size of the shoe it is as much as telling the girl that she will not be as tall as her younger sister. If you go out to the branch Bourbon or to the Ortiz branch you will have one height or another ».

And you, what do you think about this problem?