The Princess Eleanorheiress to the throne of Spanish royalty and daughter of King Felipe VI, suffered a brutal attack by some demonstrating dancers who, through crude lyrics, leave a subliminal but very forceful message: The Spanish monarchy she is anti-feminist, devoted to power and archaic.

The discontent received by the Spanish monarchy and with it, the Princess Eleanor, It continues to grow at quite worrying levels. The Iberian royal family has now had to see how their eldest daughter and heir to the crown has to endure a brutal slap in the face from her own people.

In the quarterfinals of the Official Contest of Groups of the Cadiz Carnival In Spain, a group of dancers called “Las Misas” has choreographed a song written by them, where they brutally attack the Princess of Asturias and if role of future queen of Spain.

«Young woman thinks that you hold a crown forged in the Franco regime, on laws constituted only by men of rather poor feminism».

But the lyrics do not end there, the verses continued to throw hard darts like the following:

“It doesn’t matter if you take the lead, girl Leonor, you will not be able to transform the institution that has its traditional roots in the Roman apostolic family, heterosexual, Christian and devoted to power. A referendum for your crown so that if it turns out to be left over, the Third Republic be victory”. Or “With institutions stagnant in the past, led by out-of-date whoremongers.”

The messages are quite clear and a clear reference to how every day the Spanish population He believes that the monarchy in his country only causes more economic losses and should be eradicated forever.

And you, what do you think of the brutal message that they have sent to the princess eleanor?