The princess eleanor recently he wanted to change his appearance a bit by transforming his style of look, apparently looking for the look of Gaviplayer of the Barcelona with whom he has had some rumors.

The Princess of Asturias She is known for maintaining a natural look with thick, blonde hair, which she reportedly puts some money into to keep it long and shiny.

And although she is still young, she has shown that she wants to be a diva, as little by little she has changed her princess style to something more sophisticated.

to their 17 years the daughter of the queen letizia and the king philip from Spain She has wanted to forcefully modify her hair, as she is entering her adult stage and wants more attention towards her.

During a meeting with the young volunteers of the Red Crossthe princess eleanor He revealed that his long and abundant hair was now shorter and apparently had a much lighter color.

The princess joined the trends that adolescents follow today, using the famous «hidden wicks»In a blonder color than the rest of her hair, seeking to provide luminosity and much more movement in her hair, the princess also revealed that she cut her hair longer than normal, wanting to attract new looks with her elegant changes.