The princess eleanor of Spain, would not agree at all with the criticism that the sports club Barcelona Fc has recently done to one of his footballers, the young player Gavi, crush de la Princesa and who is one of the greatest promises in football today.

The Spanish soccer player Gavi, barely 18 years old, has been the victim of some criticism from Xaxi Hernandez, technical director of the football club Barcelona, team in which he plays and according to various rumors, he could be leaving.

The technical director ironically criticized Gavi in ​​a recent interview, where he stated that the youngster plays excellent with the Spanish team, but when it is his turn to play for Barcelona FC, does not like.

These statements were accompanied by a recommendation to the sportsman, stating that he should have that claw at all times and in any situation in which he finds himself on the court.

However, these criticisms have not been well received by much of the public, including the Princess of Asturias, which would not agree at all that his crush should be treated that way.

Although Eleanor is currently in Welsh, the 17-year-old is keeping an eye on all the Gavi news, including the possibility of him leaving Spain to accept an offer in another European club where they pay him what he is currently worth.