The princess eleanor and the future queen of Spain left home in a very suspicious way and without notifying many people, and apparently it was to be able to meet the Spanish soccer player, Gavi, with whom the Spanish press confirmed that he would be dating a few months ago and that Princess Leonor’s parents approved their love.

Rumors about the relationship princess eleanor Y Gavi They have been increasing since November, when the footballer made gestures to him repeatedly during matches, he could even be seen in a meeting with the King of Spain himself, who could now be his father-in-law, the same one who was seen smiling and comfortable in your company.

According to an investigation by the Spanish media, the couple could be seen in a well-known restaurant on the outskirts of Madrid, where they enjoyed some «spanish tapas» and took some «juices«.

What surprised everyone the most was that this event was not photographed or recorded, the media in charge of the investigation affirm that this is because they did it in a very covert way and they only want to save the moment for the two of them.

The only thing missing is for both of them to confirm the relationship, meanwhile, the Princess continues to focus on her studies and then prepare for a future reign.