The princess eleanor of Spain, It has caused a stir on social networks, after revealing that there was a break from the school where he is in high school in Wales UK. But what is being talked about in networks is that the 17-year-old girl would have escaped to meet the footballer Gavi, The same with whom she has been linked in dating rumors for several months.

The eldest daughter of King Felipe VI She is back in Spain, and the media is immediately aware of what the 17-year-old came to her country to do.

What is known up to now is that the Princess of Asturias and future Queen made the decision to surprise all her friends and other Spanish classmates, going by surprise to her old school Santa Maria de los Rosales, located in Madrid.

However, the media also stated that the real reason for Leonor’s visit to the Iberian Peninsula would have first and last name; Gavi.

As some of us know, the young Princess has been romantically linked to the footballer of the Barcelona Fc several months ago, when it was revealed that the young woman asked her father for a flannel with the athlete’s exclusive autograph.

Leonor’s decision to run away from the school where she is studying her baccalaureate abroad, specifically in the United Kingdom, The media are not entirely convinced, who assure that a simple surprise at his old school would not be the only reason for his trip.

And you, what do you think the princess eleanor to Spain?