The princess eleanor He is debating about the future of his life, since one of his possibilities is to leave his obligations as a member of the royal family to start his love life with a renowned soccer player.

The heiress to the Spanish crown is close to fulfilling her 18 yearsand it is at that moment that he will decide on the future of his life, and the decision will have considerable relevance for the rest of his life.

The young woman will have to choose her future before the time comes to decide whether to swear allegiance to her father and the Spanish crown, because if she swears allegiance, she would not have the opportunity to choose another type of life, which is what is currently being poses.

The uncertainty of its future is due to the fact that several Spanish media have referred to the relationship between the princess eleanor and the famous soccer player GaviIt is stated that the princess has a folder full of photos of the soccer player declaring his love for her, and this would be highly linked to the future in royalty or outside of it.

In addition to the end of their school period, the princess eleanor He would have more freedom over his future, so he is expected to make the decision whether to continue as royalty, or start a more stable relationship with the soccer player. Pablo Gavi, which is one of the most talked about possibilities so far for the princess.