The rumors and the media controversy that the Spanish royalty is currently experiencing, due to rumors of an alleged romance between the young princess eleanor and the footballer Gavi, they remain dormant. And it is that now, according to various media outlets in that country, the couple was seen secretly.

Princess Leonor would have fled from the Spanish royal palace to see herself in a mysterious way and a romantic plan with the footballer of the Barcelona Fc, Gavi.

And it is that according to an investigation published by various media in the Iberian country, the Princess Asturias and the sportsman 18-year-olds were discovered in a luxurious and well-known restaurant located on the outskirts of the city of Madrid, Spanish capital.

The couple would have had a very romantic date, where they tasted some typical Spanish tapas from the European country, and which they accompanied with some delicious juices before the unusual gaze of all those present who could see them.

Although the alleged romance between these two young people has not been confirmed, the Spanish population and various users in social media, They think they would make a very nice couple.

There are other people who think the opposite and believe that the princess eleanor should be focused on their academic activities and duties as a member of the Spanish monarchy, instead of looking for a partner at his short 17 years of age.

And you, do you agree that the princess eleanor do you have a partner?