The princess eleanor and the queen letizia They have been accused of disobeying the rules of royalty, and breaking important protocols established for many years.

As usual and public knowledge, members of the British monarchy must ensure that they comply with the strict rules indicated, as they are considered an example to follow. However, many times the rules are not followed, or members prefer not to exercise their role as a real member.

But there are several reasons why the princess leonr, and the queen letizia they have wanted to disobey the rules of royalty, and of their father and husband King Felipe VI.

Recently, in a situation that has undoubtedly tarnished the reputation of the British crown, the queen letizia and the princess eleanor they have defied orders, in order to feel closer to the people who have supported them. Also allowing to live new experiences, far from the confinement that implies staying in the palace.

And although it seems like a normal situation for people, the royals are not allowed to be near the fans, let alone walk without someone accompanying them. In the same way, it is considered a lack of respect for the rules of the monarchy, take pictures with the people who observe them on the outskirts of the palace, a situation that the princess and the queen have surpassed.

For now, royalty has not taken action on the matter, but it would be prudent for members of the monarchy to avoid performing these acts publicly, if they prefer to avoid serious consequences.