The daughters of the kings of Spain, the princess eleanor and the infanta Sofia, they would be quite fought with only a short time left before the younger of the two goes to the same school where the Princess from Asturias He is finishing his high school. The reasons? Can.

The Infanta Sofía has managed to pass all the tests to enter to study at the Atlantic College of Wales, UK, a place where Princess Leonor is already one year away from finishing her high school studies and thus starting her university stage later.

However, there is something that has caught our attention. various media and Spanish portals are affirming that the sisters would be fighting, since Eleanor she did not want the infanta to study in the same school as her.

The reasons for this disagreement of Leonor would be based on the fact that Sofia it could overshadow her popularity as the Princess, something that could even harm her future rise as the Queen of Spain.

In recent months, Sofia has gained a lot of popularity within the Spanish public, thanks to her enormous intelligence, height and personality. So much so, that a part of the public affirms that she should be the future Queen of spain.

He King Felipe VI and the Queen Letizia They are aware of what is happening. However, they still hope that both sisters can talk and fix their possible problems.