Rumors of a possible romance between the princess eleanor from Spain and the footballer of the selection of that country, Gavi, It has shaken the Iberian media, who are now even stating that both young people would even be willing to abandon their roles as Princess and soccer player in order to be together.

The love in youth It has always been something that makes us capable of committing all kinds of foolishness, hasty decisions, and above all, it makes us capable of believing in ourselves that we are making the right decisions.

And apparently that is what Princess Leonor, daughter of the King Felipe VI of Spain, and the soccer player Gavi, who according to several media from their country, they would be abandoning their professional duties to get married.

However, several of these rumors have been denied, especially those of Gavi’s retirement from football, since most of these reports were published on the day 28 of December, which was the Day of the Innocents.

And in the case of the Princess of Asturias, Although they were published days later, there is no official confirmation coming from the Spanish royalty. King Felipe VI knows how infatuated his daughter is with the athlete, since during the Soccer World Cup Qatar 2022, It was revealed that the monarch asked Gavi for an autographed shirt to give it to his daughter.

means like «Mamarazzi», «El Gordo y la Flaca» and the journalist Jordi Marti, They have been one of the main entities that have spread this series of rumors, which have the public eye pending new evidence to confirm this popular relationship.