2023 is a big and important year for the Duchess kate middleton his new role as Princess from Welsh, that she got just a few months ago will be significant to her and from then on all eyes will be on her and how she will develop in the new role.

In the coming year, you need to make it clear and in control of your actions and the issues your campaign will focus on, one of which could be mental health, which has been your banner since you joined the royal family, In addition, he has to deal with attacks from Meghan Markle, which could affect its popularity.

All eyes will be on the wife of the Prince William, especially since it will be almost impossible to avoid comparisons with the man’s mother, Lady Di, who previously held the position, also, as if that were not enough, he will have to continue dealing with the attacks of his sister-in-law, Meghan Markle.

In the Netflix documentary series they starred in Harry Y Megan, you can see the attacks made towards the Wale’s princesswhich was attacked several times in a worrying way, since these attacks could eclipse the current popularity of kate middleton who is extremely important to the royal family.

Since the death of the queen Elizabeth II, Kate he has gained a lot of popularity in England with his public appearances, so he works hard and focuses on not losing it despite the constant attacks he has received many times.

People who closely follow the royal family confirmed that the attacks by Meghan Markle a Kate Middleton It has caused the latter to lose popularity in the United States, however, the royal family has not yet responded to the accusations or defended itself.