The Princess Eugenie, daughter of The prince Andrewis a very controversial issue in the British royal family, since it is known that she is a great strong ally of the prince harry and Meghan Markle and the alliance is so strong that the princess eugenie I would be willing toabandon royalty«.

According to what was mentioned by some international media, Princess Eugenia and her family would be thinking about starting a new life in the United States with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Meghan and the The prince Harry. This would definitely be a great blow to the British royal familywhich would be very unprotected.

The royal family has indicated that the princess of york and her husband, Jack brooksbanks, are the accomplices of the Meghan and Harry. This is because everyone knows the good relationship between the two couples, so much so that they share the same style for raising their children.

It is known that the princess of york she is expecting her second child and she believed that it would be best to move to the United States after the baby is born, since at the moment the couple lives in a small house, which does not have the optimal conditions for when her second child is born.

Rumors have ensured that the Dukes of Sussex are very happy if this decision comes true, so much so that they have already sent them information about some homes close to theirs so that they can see the options and make a decision.