The Princess Diana He has been one of the most beloved members of the royal family in history, even in these times more than 20 years after his death and much of his intimate life is about to be revealed, as handwritten letters will be auctioned by herself, in which she tells everything that she was going through through the divorce with the current King Carlos III.

The intimate life of Princess Diana It will be revealed thanks to 32 letters that she wrote to her relatives between 1995 and 1996, in which she tells in detail about the pain, fear, and how sorry she was for the legal divorce that she was going through with Carlos II. The letters will be auctioned off this month.

The auction house holding the letters said:

Susie and Tarek feel too privileged to have gotten up close and personal with Princess Diana. Throughout their friendship, the Kassems were always amazed at the incredible affection Diana had for anyone she came into contact with, whether it was her on the street, in the theater, in a restaurant, or anywhere else.

In the letters, the Princess Diana He shared how he felt while planning the divorce with the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II, which he was close to regretting, but not because of the love he felt for Carlos, but because of the bad times he had to go through in the process.

In one of the letters he said:

If I had known a year ago what I would experience going through this divorce, I never would have consented to it. He is being ugly and desperate.

The current owners of the cards are known to plan to donate the proceeds to various philanthropic causes that support the Princess Diana drive throughout his life to keep his legacy alive.

It is completely unknown who could be interested in acquiring the letters and the price they would be willing to pay, although it is suspected that one of their children could be among the most interested.