With only 4 months left for the great and controversial coronation of the King Carlos IIinformation came out that the memory of lady Gave will be present due to the beautiful inheritance that the Princess Charlotte.

On several occasions, the international media have made it known that the Princess Charlotte It will be the “incarnation” of the Princess Diana. This is due to her physique and her personality, since at only seven years old she has shown that she has the rebellion that was highlighted in Lady Di, so it would not be surprising if a large inheritance comes to her.

Recently, it came to light that the Princess Charlotte will receive the desired and requested tiara Spencer, which was a piece of Princess Diana. This precious jewel is one of the most representative of her, since it was this that she used at her wedding with him now king charles II.

The Tiara Spencer It is adorned with circular, rose-cut and pear-shaped diamonds, all mounted on gold pieces, apart from continuous scrolls interspersed with decorations of flowers and stars.

Thanks to what was mentioned by the royal experts, the tiara could be ready for you to wear. Charlotte can use it on the day of the Coronation of his grandfather, the King Carlos II.