He Buckingham Palace would be leaving the way clear for Prince William, so that on Tuesday he can spend Valentine’s Day with his supposed lover of years ago, the English noblewoman Rose Hanbury.

various media and newspapers United Kingdom are claiming that Prince William is having an affair with his alleged lover again, since the statements that Kate Middleton She did days ago regarding how the future monarch treats her, they have left an emphasis on what would be happening between them.

The English and international tabloids did not hesitate to publish the declarations of the Wale’s princess. And with that, now release the rumors about Prince William’s plans for this February 14.

It is said that the Prince of Wales will spend the day of Valentine’s Day with Rose Hanbury and not with Kate Middleton. They also added that for this reason next Tuesday we will not see him in so many public events, something that has not happened in recent days either, where we have been able to see Kate attend events of her children alone.

Although they are only speculations that the British media make regarding the situation of the Princes of Wales, Kate’s statements and the last times she has been seen without the presence of William, They have served as the basis for wondering about what would really be happening between them.

For his part, Rose Hanbury is prohibited from accessing Buckingham Palaceafter photos of her were leaked next to the prince william in 2019, where they were seen enjoying a private party.