The prince harry He has told a lot through his book”Spare» or as they have decided to call it in Spanish «En la Sombra». Thanks to the book, it has been possible to discover the greatest secrets and intimacies of the most famous royal family in the world, hidden for countless years. Each member of the family is mentioned by the youngest child of Lady Di and for this reason relations have been greatly affected.

One of the people most affected by this affair was his older brother, the prince william, whom he directly addressed in some of his internal conflicts, which gave him a very bad image. In one of his most mentioned confessions, he said that his older brother never accepted his wife, Meghan Markle, and that she repeatedly tried to dissuade him from marrying her because it would cost him all his ties to British society.

For this reason, the prince harry described in great detail the fight they had, where apparently everything would turn into a physical fight and the prince william I would knock him to the ground in the heat of the argument.

All these kinds of stories do nothing but significantly damage the public image of him and his wife, kate middleton same that is also strongly attacked in the stories of the book.