The gesture of contempt prince william toward Kate Middleton that was seen by hundreds of people at the recent BAFTA awards, and that was the reason to revive the rumors of their separation.

The couple that a few weeks ago is suffering from the rumors that have arisen around them, have once again shown that their relationship is experiencing a crisis, which was evidenced when they were together at the recent awards.

Although nothing has been made official by them, many international media and the British people are rumors about the crisis of the Dukes of SussexIt seems that it would be due to Prince William’s infidelity towards the duchess with whom he was in the past one of his best friends, and with whom she ended all kinds of relationships due to the misunderstanding.

At the recent awards ceremony BAFTAthose present could notice that the dukes do not maintain a loving relationship at all, because on different occasions the two were seen ignoring each other.

The couple when they entered the event were seen talking, but from one moment to the next the prince william He completely ignored his wife and left her talking to herself, so she had to sit in the chairs, when after a while her husband sat down and wanted to talk to her, but she also preferred to ignore him completely.

The British people feel again that the rumors of the couple’s separation are growing, since at no time were they seen very loving on camera.