Rumors of marital crisis between the prince william and Kate Middleton have escalated to dangerous levels. And it is that the heir to the throne would be having derogatory treatment with her wife as she herself confessed in a flower shop, leaving everyone shocked with her statements.

Since the current Wale’s princess confessed to the owner of a London flower shop that he expected absolutely no details from Prince William for the day of Valentine’s Day, social networks exploded with Kate’s statements.

the future Queen consort He affirmed that William stopped being careful with her a long time ago, which caused various media to start rumors that the marriage would again be in crisis, and thanks again to the alleged lover who has the heir to the British throne.

Since 2019, some photographs of the eldest son of Lady Di together with his presumed lover, who would be nothing more and nothing less than Rose Hanbury, one of Kate Middleton’s best friends and someone very close to the royal family.

When the photos were released, Kate severed all ties with Hanbury. However, it is said that William he has not severed all contact with the English noblewoman.

According to what is said, and based on Middleton’s statements, the Prince would be spending Valentine’s Day with his lover and not with the mother of his three children, something quite controversial considering that their marriage should be an example of union , ethics and excellence for being the future kings of the United Kingdom.

Meanwhile, several days go by in which they are not seen together william and kate which makes the rumors of a possible break increase even more.