After what Kate Middleton He will affirm that he does not expect anything from the prince william for the day of Valentine’s Day, Various media have been circulating the rumor that the heir to the British crown would have gone out again with his former lover, who was previously a close friend of Kate and who at the moment does not want to know anything about her.

The Wale’s princess has opened a new and very controversial controversy within the British royal family, and that involves her own husband around the relationship they would currently have and what he would be doing behind his back.

Middleton attended a flower shop in London, where she confessed to a local worker that she did not expect any gifts from Prince William this year. Not even for Valentine’s Day or her anniversary.

Immediately after the forty-year-old Princess made these controversial statements, various media outlets in her country revived the rumor of a marital crisis with her husband and future King of the United Kingdom.

However, what has attracted the most attention is that this has been linked to the alleged lover that the eldest son of the King Charles III would have had some time ago. The same that she was very close to Kate and that she generated all kinds of comments among the public and followers of royalty.

The media and other paparazzi have relied on Kate’s statement to increase the rumors, since the way she said it would refer to her husband again dating his biggest enemy, which is nothing more and nothing less. what of Rose Hanbury.

Rose is the alternate woman that William has been linked to for several years. It is even said that Middleton gave orders to her so that she would never again be invited to royal events and dinners. Her friendship was broken by the rumors of romance that she had with the Prince, and from there, everything changed between them.

There is no way to verify that William is still dating Rose Hanbury, but recent revelations of kate middleton they would have reopened that page that seemed to have been left in the past.