He prince william Apparently he would have called his lover in the middle of the awards BAFTA, where he attended with his wife Kate Middleton.

After the controversies that are taking place between Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton, due to the alleged infidelities that he would have committed towards her, they have been very distant while they are together, reaffirming their possible crisis.

Even so, and in the midst of his controversies, it seems that Prince William would have continued to communicate with his lover, as evidenced by recent appearances at the BAFTA event.

According to local media, the duke of wales in the middle of the recent BAFTA awards, he would have called his lover, while showing his discomfort at being next to his now wife.

Apparently after the tribute paid to the deceased Queen isabel II, the duke was quite sad and even managed to shed some tears. He also seemed a bit bored to be with his wife, and according to what was reported by official sources, at some point he was seen using the phone and talking to whoever he would be. Rose Hanbury.

This clearly affects the coronation of the next King Charles IIIbecause it has been highly criticized in the midst of so many controversies, and less than 3 months after becoming effective.