The reputation of prince william of being an exemplary man is going to the ground, thanks to the whole wave of rumors of infidelities that he would have committed while married to Kate Middleton. And based on the evidence that was disclosed in 2019, it is said that the heir to the British throne has been unfaithful to his wife for more than four years.

When in 2019 several images of Prince William being at a private party with Rose Hanbury, social networks and the public eye could not believe that the eldest son of the Princess Diana he was following in his father’s footsteps. His reputation was completely falling apart.

The scandal was so great that Rose Hanbury was excluded from all the events in which she habitually attended as one of the dearest associates of the british royalty. It goes without saying that she was also one of Kate’s best friends, of course.

On Sunday, the princes of wales attended the Bafta awards. However, the media affirm that they were forced by the Buckingham Palace to avoid rumors and not further stain the image of the royal family.

The monarchy does not need more scandals, since next May 6 will be the coronation ceremony of the King Charles III how the new monarch of the United Kingdom. Nothing should overshadow that moment, although at present there is nothing that is more talked about than the possible infidelity of his eldest son.

Although the only real test to confirm that the prince william has been unfaithful to Kate Middleton for four years are the photos leaked with Rose Hanbury In 2019, the press maintains its position that William continues in adventures with the English noblewoman.