He prince williamson of the next monarch, King Carlos III, is worrying the british crown with his recent controversies.

The Duke of Wales, who is the eldest son of the princess Diana He is uneasy about the repercussions his actions have had towards the British monarchy, and he imposes a hundred criticisms of them.

This given that it has recently been confirmed that Prince William was unfaithful to his wife Kate middleton with a woman named Rose Hanbury, a special friend of the Princess of Wales, which is why it has been the British Crown that has had to suffer all kinds of claims and criticism.

Not satisfied with the issue, it has become known that the relationship with the dukes could be going through a separation, a fact that worries the King Charles IIIsince the spouses would be the next heirs and must be present at the event, paying tribute to the monarch.

However, his participation would be affected, since Kate Middleton has given indications of not attending the coronation if the divorce with her husband takes place soon.

The British people have already shown a distaste for royalty, as they claim that the King Charles III he’s not a true king, and added to Prince William’s disputes, it would clearly affect the history of royalty, and the upcoming coronation.