Prince William went to the cinema without the company of Kate Middleton

Prince William, the future King of the United Kingdom, attended a movie night without the presence of his new wife, Princess of Wales Kate Middleton. There, the royal participated in the projection of a documentary that deals with a subject to which he has been energetically linked.

Yesterday, Prince William decided to go to the cinema to see a documentary about rhinos whose integrity and safety are in danger. However, what caught the attention of the attendees was the non-presence of Kate Middleton at the place.

The eldest son of King Charles III was seen with his aunt Sofía, the Duchess of Edinburgh, at the screening of ‘Rhino Man’ at the renovated Battersea Power Station, which brought together several volunteers from this organization that protects wildlife in Africa.

According to the British press, the reason why Kate Middleton did not attend with her husband was because she decided to stay and take care of her children. Also, her relationship with the Duchess of Edinburgh is pretty good, so he didn’t have a problem with William going out on her with her.

Meanwhile, Prince William continues to show great interest in dealing with environmental issues that his father also handles with enthusiasm. The future monarch believes that the British royalty should set a complete example and that it is important to take this movement into account.

And so, you will be attending and supporting numerous events, whether or not you are accompanied by Kate Middleton.

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