The prince william lived one of the most humiliating and confusing moments of his life, after being avoided by his wife Kate Middleton in a well-known British television program.

The current Princess of Wales and Prince William’s partner is involved in the gaze of the media and royal fans, after starring in the shameful Y confused the act of pulling away abruptly at the moment that Prince William was about to put his hand on his shoulder, refusing physical contact.

According to several critics and experts in this kind of subject, what happened that day can only be interpreted in two ways, one is that the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton had some injury to her shoulder and wanted to avoid getting hurt, or the second and most likely, is to remain angry about rumors about Prince William and his alleged infidelity with the Marchioness of Cholmondeley, Rose Hanbury.

The controversial moment occurred when the presenter and the other guests of the program enjoyed the conversations and activities of the recording protocol of the Christmas program. When at any moment the royal couple present, they make the atmosphere on the set tense, and it was recorded on the television cameras when William put his hand on her wife’s shoulder and she moved away from her quickly to avoid contact.