The closeness that the prince william has had with his alleged lover Rose Hanbury, it comes from a long time ago. And it is that now it has been revealed, that the old house where the future monarch resided with kate middleton It is close to the residence of her lover.

Just seven kilometers from Anmer Hall, property where the princes of wales resided until 2022, is located Houghton Hall, a building with Palladian architecture built for the prime minister of the United Kingdom, Sir Robert Walpole.

However, what really stands out about this building is that it is the residence of Rose Hanbury, the English noblewoman who has been dating William since the year 2019, when the photos of both were leaked while enjoying a private party.

In Houghton Hall, Hanbury lives with her current husband and their two children. Various media have been investigating more details of the private life of the noblewoman, since the rumors of separation between William and Kate are directly associated with her alleged love affair.

In social networks, various media and netizens continue to dig deeper into Rose’s life. However, it has been made a bit difficult for them, since the noblewoman was expelled from all the events of the british royalty to whom he eventually went.

Apparently the prince william he would have already dealt with his alleged lover long before 2019, so his possible love affair and alleged betrayal of kate middleton It would have its origin a long time ago.