He prince william he is very angry with his younger brother, the The prince Harrydue to the publication of his autobiography «Spare“, in which he reveals all the private details about the British Royal Family.

The two are expected to meet at the coronation of their father, the king charles IIbut as much as this celebration is a joy for the family, Harry’s recent comments have darkened the atmosphere a bit, especially for the The prince Williamwho is one of those most affected by the scandal that the The prince Harry and Meghan Markle They have provoked and for this reason he does not want to know anything about the Dukes of Sussex, he has even asked his father not to invite them to his coronation to avoid any problems.

No British royals have wanted to comment on the Duke of Sussex’s book, as they don’t want to escalate the situation and want things resolved quickly and peacefully. Harry, for his part, said in a recent interview that his door is always open to dialogue and that he trusts that his brother, Prince William, wants to talk and solve the things that right now got so far.

Meanwhile, William and the rest of the British Royal Family are very busy preparing for the coronation of the king Carlos II and the queen consort, Stretcher Parkersince the Coronation is an event that has generated good spirits after several controversies that have had in royalty.