He Prince William, eldest son of King Carlos III, wants his father to expel his brother from the monarchy prince harry together with his wife, the American actress Meghan Markle. The reasons for this desire, all the controversy that has been generated by the harsh accusations that the Dukes of Sussex have made against the crown.

The harsh situation that exists thanks to the conflict that has been caused by the accusations that the Dukes of Sussex They have done against the crown, they have several of their members with a rigid position around what the King decides in the coming weeks.

Prince William would be very sure that his father, the current monarch of the United Kingdom, he should expel his younger brother and daughter-in-law from royalty. The Prince of Wales is upset, and he’s not ready for an apology to his brother.

For several months now, rumors have circulated that Charles III could be choosing to expel Harry and Meghan from the royal family. However, this has not been confirmed to this day.

But even so, that desire to expel the Dukes of Sussex would exist within the Buckingham Palace, and would be commanded especially in the eldest son of the deceased Princess Diana.

And you, do you think he prince william can convince his father to expel the prince harry already Meghan Markle of the British royal family?