He prince william would be looking for his wife, Kate Middletonaccept your lover, Rose Hanburyin her life, but this does not seem to be something easy for the Princess of Wales to accept.

In a couple of weeks the coronation of the King Charles III and the Queen Consort Camilla Parkerbut not everything seems to be in order for the British royal family, since the issue of Prince William’s infidelity to Kate Middleton continues to be a very active issue in the media and on social networks, but this has increased when it became known that William wants his supposed mistress to be present at the Coronation.

According to rumors in the British media, the separation between the princes of Wales is almost imminent and there are rumors that the king charles and Camilla Parker they would have accepted William’s relationship with Rose, so they would be giving him permission to continue his affair.

The rumor of a possible romance between the Prince and Hanbury started in 2019 and thanks to that, the strong friendship between Kate and Rose it’s over and there seems to be no way to fix those problems.

As the coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla approaches, it remains to be seen if Rose Hanbury will be present, but what is clear is that the scandal of William’s alleged infidelity continues to be a topic of great interest in the British media and the general public.