He Prince William, continues to cause a stir in the social networks of all the world. And it is that since the rumor began to spread that he would be on romantic dates with his former and supposed lover Rose Hanbury, the media began to speculate about a possible separation with Kate Middleton. But now, there is talk of the possibility that the English noblewoman attends the official coronation ceremony that is scheduled for May 6.

According to various theories and rumors that are handled on social networks, Prince William is looking for his father, the King Carlos III, agree to let your lover attend the official coronation ceremony.

The british royalty will celebrate this historic event, which has not been celebrated for more than 70 years. Therefore, the The prince from Wales wants his wench to attend the ceremony.

However, there is a big problem, and it is the assistance of Kate Middleton for being the Wale’s princess and William’s wife. Both are in separation rumors, after the controversial statements that Kate herself made in a flower shop.

In these statements, the Princess of Wales stated that her husband was no longer careful with her, and that she did not expect any details for the day of Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day arrived, the princes did not publish anything, and the rumor spread that William would have spent that day next to Rose Hanbury.

Meanwhile, the media and the general public are very aware of what may happen on May 6, the day when King Carlos III, the prince william and kate middleton they will have their oaths and official coronations in their new positions within the Royal family british.

And you, what do you think of this controversy?