Before he prince harry Y Meghan Markle left the royal family, who allowed Meghan lived with them, which gave him the opportunity to participate in certain family events, such as the peculiar exchange of gifts that they carried out every Christmas.

According to biographers of finding freedom, Omid Scoby Y Caroline Durand, Meghan Markle had to give him a gift prince william At one of the Christmas parties they attended together and for that occasion, the Duchess of Sussex gave her brother-in-law a spoon with the phrase “Cereal Killer” either “Cereal Killer“, which caused laughter from the other royal members.

Every year on December 24, just before Christmas Eve, the royal family gathers to exchange funny gifts to have fun and joke with each other, so the gift of Meghan it was very fitting for the royal family.

However, the gift was clearly not enough to win over the brother-in-law, as El prince william Y Kate Middleton launched a smear campaign against Meghan Markle from their offices in Kensington and leaked personal information to the media.

So despite the Duchess of Sussex’s gracious gestures towards her brother-in-law, it seems that William He is not willing to give in or change his mind about his brother-in-law, since he has never offered him a public or private apology for the attacks that have come from his communications office.